Ownership & Mapping Information


The Ownership Section’s primary responsibility is to identify changes in property ownership or modifications to the legal boundary after review and analysis of recorded instruments of transfer.

The Mapping Section is responsible for the maintenance of the after property boundary modifications due to parcel reconfigurations or annexations.


The review of documents impacting changes to the title or possession of real property that are typically recorded with the County Recorder’s office. The transfer of ownership generally takes 4-6 weeks to appear on the Assessor's Website. Recordings that define a parcel reconfiguration will take longer to process.

Please be aware that the Assessor's information is for assessment purposes only. This office does not prepare deeds, chains of title or conduct title research for the public or other county departments: Please contact a title company or attorney for assistance in these areas.

Document Errors
Occasionally transfer documents are recorded with incorrect ownership information, no legal description, legal description errors, or a variety of other title issues. When this occurs, there will be a delay in the transfer of ownership or parcel reconfiguration until the issue is resolved.


The production of a presentation quality map to reflect the parcel boundaries and dimensions the Assessor will use to identify, classify and value real and personal property. The information used to create the cadastral maps are based on recorded documents and survey data which may contain errors and omissions. Depictions of the parcel boundaries are for illustration purposes only and are typically 10-12 weeks behind current document recordings.

Parcel reconfigurations include:

  • Splits - the division of a parcel into two or more parcel numbers
  • Consolidation - to combine two or more parcels into one parcel number
  • Annexations - the expansion of a Special Taxing District or Municipal Districts