Addressing information is provided by the Pima County Development Services Addressing Division and therefore must be on file with Developmental Services in order to be considered valid.

While all subdivisions are named they do not all receive a Map & Plat. When Map and Plat are entered, the result returned will represent all of the parcels within that subdivision. Entering in either a Block number (if applicable) or a Lot number will reduce the amount of results rendered.

Map & Plat: A system of uniquely identifying subdivisions using a numeric format. The Map & Plat (also known as Book & Map) numbers are assigned by the County Recorder’s Office at the time the subdivision is recorded.

Block & Lot: A system commonly used when large parcels of land are subdivided. The subdivision map is recorded after each lot has been surveyed by a metes and bounds description and assigned a lot number. In this way deeds need only refer to the lot, block, map & plat designation in order to describe the parcel in question instead of stating the survey bearings and distances or the rectangular survey description.

A sequence number is a unique identifier that is provided for every recorded legal instrument, for more information please visit the Pima County Recorder’s Website

PLEASE NOTE: Searches using docket and page will only yield results for documents that reflect the most current ownership information. Recording information is provided by the Pima County Recorder’s Office. For complete chain of title information, please visit the Pima County Recorder’s Website

Docket: A group of documents recorded on a specific day. Page: A page within the docket.

This search will return all parcels within the geographical area as defined by the Section, Township & Range entered. Section, Township, & Range are used in the “Rectangular Survey” system. This system provides for a unit of land approximately 24 miles square, bounded by a baseline running east and west, and a meridian running north and south. This 24 mile square is further divided into 6 mile squares called Townships. A Range is an east and west row of townships between two meridian lines six miles apart. A Township is divided into 36 numbered Sections, which are each 1 square mile.