Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the data on the right side of the Parcel Detail page is being cut off when I print or a second page is printed for a small amount of data. How can I prevent this?The parcel detail page is optimized for printing with Internet Explorer 7. Print settings can be adjusted to allow for more information to print on one page by adjusting the print margins.
Why is the display distorted in Firefox and/or web browsers other than Internet Explorer?We have optimized the site for use with Internet Explorer and a resolution of 1024x768. We will continue to work on improving the display in other web browsers.
What needs to be entered when searching by a “Parcel ID”?The Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) technically consists of three parts; the book, map, & parcel numbers for a total of nine digits or eight digits with an alpha character on the end. As has been the tradition for many many years, we refer to this number as the Parcel Number for short. Parcel numbers need to be entered as such: i.e. 123-22-0570 or 123220570.
Where are the Property Address, Subdivision, Subdivision Map & Plat , Recorded Docket and Page, and Public Land Survey System search functions located?These searches can be located by clicking on the “Advanced Search” link. This link can be found on our home page as well as the Parcel Detail page.
Where are the Residential and Commercial Characteristics located?This data is now included as part of the Parcel Detail page and can found at the bottom of that page.
Where are the Property Record Card (PRC) and Parcel/Plat Map images located?An "Images" link for all available images pertaining to a particular parcel are located on the Parcel Detail page. This page contains all of the pertinent information concerning an individual parcel.
Where are definitions of terms like “Adjusted Sale Price” etc…?We understand that there may be many words on our website that may be foreign to many of you. In light of that, we found it prudent to provide a Glossary of Terms. The link to this web page can be found on our Home page on the right hand side.
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