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  • All forms are fillable. You can fill it out in Reader and print it from there. Or you can save a blank copy to your computer, then enter your information, and print it. Or you can just print the blank form and fill it in by hand.
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  • Unless otherwise noted, mail or hand deliver all completed forms to:
  • Pima County Assessor’s Office
    240 N Stone Ave
    Tucson AZ 85701

Before submitting an appeal form, please see Appeals Process for time periods when these forms are accepted.

Appeal Forms

Petition for Review of Real Property Valuation and Instructions
Use this form for Land & Commercial Appeals Link to DoR form: 82130
Residential Petition for Review of Valuation and Instructions
Use this form for Residential Appeals Link to form: 82130R
Multiple Parcel Appeal Form and Instructions   Link to DoR form: 82131
Taxpayer Notice of Claim – Real Property   Link to DoR form: 82179B
Taxpayer Notice of Claim – Multiple Parcel Form   Link to DoR form: 82179BB
Petition for Review of Notice of Change and Instructions File this petition with:
State Board of Equalization
100 N. 15th Avenue
Suite 130
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Link to DoR form: 82130NC
SBoE: Web Site
Agency Authorization Form   Link to DoR form: 82130AA
Agency Authorization Continuation Form   Link to DoR form: 82130AAA
Income and Expense Statement   Link to DoR form: 82300
Income and Expense – Apartment Supplement   Link to DoR form: 82300-1
Income and Expense – Office/Retail Supplement   Link to DoR form: 82300-2
Income and Expense – Hotel/Motel/Resort Supplement   Link to DoR form: 82300-3
Income and Expense - Shopping Center Supplement   Link to DoR form: 82300-4
Income and Expense - Mobile Home/RV Park   Link to DoR form: 82300-5
Income and Expense – Mini-Storage Warehouse   Link to DoR form: 82300-6
Income and Expense – Industrial Mfg/Whse/Multi-Purpose   Link to DoR form: 82300-7

Primary Residence Forms

Affidavit For Primary Residence Classification form (AKA: Tax Credit Form)
Board of Supervisors' Reclassification of Owner's Primary Residence page Pursuant to A.R.S. § 42-12052 and A.R.S. § 42-12054, a property owner may appeal or petition the County Assessor’s classification of their property directly to the Board of Supervisors.

Residential Rental Property Form

Notification of Arizona Residential Rental Property Link to DoR form: 82901
Arizona Corporation Commission Information on Statutory Agents

Historical Properties

Information and forms for the reclassification of owner-occupied property to historic property can be found on the State Historic Preservation Office Website. All applications are due to the Assessor by June 30th of the valuation year to qualify for the next tax year.

Personal Property Forms

Taxpayer Notice of Claim – Personal Property Link to DoR form: 82179PT
Personal Property Petition for Review of Valuation Link to DoR form: 82530
2014 Declaration  
2015 Declaration  
2016 Declaration  
2017 Declaration  
2017 Business Property Statement (AZDOR 82520B)  
Leasing Sample E-file Template (Excel spreadsheet)  

Exemptions/Senior Property Valuation Protection

Exemption Applicant Information: First Time  
Exemption Applicant Information: Renewals  
Exemption Applicant Information: Charitable, Non-Profit, and Religious Organizations  
Affidavit of Church Holding or Using Leased Property  
Affidavit of Property Owner's Lease to Church, Assembly or Religous Institution  
Affidavit of Property Owner's Lease to Charter School  
Application Senior Property Valuation Protection Option Pima County version of
DoR form: 82104

Miscellaneous Forms

Affidavit of Affixture   Link to DoR form: 82528
Residential Valuation Review WORKBOOK    
Request to Combine Common Area Parcel Codes   Link to DoR form: 82354
Property Combination Form (courtesy to taxpayer…visit DEEDS SPLITS MAPPING for more information)    
Change of Mailing Address Request    
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